Kailyn Lowry’s Romantic History: Inside Chris Lopez to her romances & More

Kailyn Lowry’s Romantic History: Inside Chris Lopez to her romances & More

‘Teen Mom 2’ star, Kailyn Lowry, happens to be through quite a bit inside her intimate relationships over the years, plus it’s all been documented for the MTV show.

Kailyn Lowry happens to be exceedingly available in regards to the battles that she’s been through within the full years on Teen mother 2. unfortuitously, lots of those problems seem to stem from her relationships. She’s got four young ones with three men that are different along with her relationships along with three of these have already been high in pros and cons. Here’s a complete appearance straight straight back at Kailyn’s intimate history:

Jo Rivera had been Kailyn’s school boyfriend that is high. Once they had been simply teens, Kailyn got expecting with all the pair’s son, Isaac, that will be the way the few finished up on 16 & Pregnant and, afterwards, Teen mother 2. as a result of Kailyn’s difficulties with her very own household, she had been obligated to depend greatly on Jo along with his household through the entire maternity as soon as Isaac had been a new baby. She also relocated in with them.

Unfortuitously, Kailyn and Jo’s relationship crumbled shortly after Isaac’s delivery, and also by the time Teen Mom 2 began shooting this season, simply months after Isaac’s delivery, that they had split up. Following the split, Kailyn started seeing her ex, Jordan Wenner, but in her 2014 guide, she admitted to cheating on Jordan with Jo. The hookup didn’t assist things work away between Kailyn and Jo, however.

The 2 dealt with different custody dilemmas throughout the very first few periods of Teen mother 2. nonetheless, these people were fundamentally in a position to work away their problems, and, despite a quick feud in 2019, take friendly terms today. Kailyn also went to Jo’s wedding to their spouse, Vee Torres, in 2018, along with Vee as a visitor on the podcast in 2020!

Kailyn met Javi Marroquin in the shopping mall last year. She confirmed the relationship in Jan. 2012, and announced their engagement that September. The 2 secretly got hitched in a courthouse around that right time, while they desired to formally enter wedlock before Javi left when it comes to Air Force. Nevertheless, their larger wedding service — which had been filmed for Teen mother 2 — wasn’t until Sept. 2013. Kailyn offered delivery into the pair’s son, Lincoln, 2 months later on.

The marriage didn’t last long, though. They split simply a couple of years later on|years that are few}, while the divorce proceedings had been finalized in 2016.

At one point in the connection, Kailyn had gotten expecting aided by the pair’s child that is second but she unfortunately miscarried. Javi unveiled he blamed Kailyn for the miscarriage, which resulted in their split.

Kailyn and Javi tried to make their relationship work by appearing on Marriage training, but to no avail. Nevertheless, they did acknowledge to starting up following the split, and also stated they discussed reconciling on event. In 2020, Kailyn unveiled on Teen mother 2 that Javi attempted to hookup together with her (again)…while he had been dating gf, Lauren Comeau. Kailyn and Javi share custody of Lincoln.

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